Online translation services from Russian into English language

Online translation services from Russian into English (American) and other languages

Translation agency “Hector” is a center, which offers services of professional offline translators. We translate from Russian into English language and vice versa.

Several tens of our offline translators translate different kinds of texts: technical, legal, medical, business, social, scientific and many others. We also translate web sites (websites), CV, Email and many other texts. We choose only the best freelance translators for work with written texts in English, Russian and many other languages.

Specialists of Translation bureau “Hector” are people, who enjoy written translation and do it really fast and with high quality.

How do we translate from Russian into English (American)?

Translation centre “Hector” is specialized in all the kinds of text translation from all the popular languages of Europe and Asia. We also ensure several quality levels:

1 level. The text is translated by a specialist, who has been working in the sphere of Russian-English translation for many years.

2 level. The text is checked by the translator for the purpose of elimination of any errors.

3 level. The text is again checked by our editor-corrector to get an ideal result.

You get all the information about the translation process from our project manager, who informs you of the terms, cost and readiness of the translation, as well as answers all of your questions.

“Hector” agency is the best translation services provider

7 reasons for placing orders in Translation center “Hector”:

  • SPEED – only electronic and web translators work faster than we do, but quality of their work is laughable.
  • QUALITY – 3 quality levels of our work.
  • PRICES – the best in view of such speed and quality.
  • EXPERIENCE – since 2007.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY – your text is kept in secret.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – multistage choose of the translators allowed us to create a team of professional specialists.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – certain manager will work under your project from the stage of negotiations till the translated text sending.

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